Corporate legal support

KMB's lawyers offer companies of all sizes complete support of their HR strategy: definition of needs according to the company's current situation and future objectives, assistance in decision-making in a proactive or emergency context, implementation, and follow-up of actions defined together, training and coaching of teams. You will benefit in real time from our constant monitoring of regulations and changes in the workplace.

Company Structure

As a tool at the service of an optimal organization of the company, employment law is a means of increasing its efficiency while preserving the rights of employees. The advisory work of our lawyers contributes to the optimization of your company's operations by building a legal framework governing individual and collective labor relations.

  • drafting and management of internal documents
  • establishment and renewal of staff representative institutions
  • collective negotiation
  • collective performance agreements
  • corporate reorganization / restructuring

Social Auditing

Intending to assess a company's social impact in relation to local standards and expectations, the social audit is a security tool for HR policy, which also enables the assessment of legal risks, the prevention of social conflicts, and the anticipation of strategic risks. Whether it is in the context of a company valuation or a desire to improve CSR, KMB's lawyers will provide you with a clear and precise insight into the actions to be carried out and the internal procedures to be put in place.

  • employment contract / job description ...
  • collective agreement / collective agreements
  • social protection and pension schemes
  • compensation / annual salary negotiation


As an employer, you are required to respect the rules of employment law governing relations with your employees. We explain which ones apply to your company and help you implement the ones you are lacking to avoid future sanctions by the regulator or possible social risks.

  • health and safety / workplace conditions / working environment
  • psychological harassment / sexual harassment
  • labor rights and duties / exercise of fundamental freedoms

Adapting to changes

Changes in society and the workplace are on the rise and require companies to adapt quickly if they wish to maintain their competitive edge. Our lawyers are here to proactively and reactively support you through these changes to maintain your social performance.

  • digitalization
  • remote working
  • right to disconnect
  • DPMR
  • forward-looking management of jobs and skills
  • assessment of the environmental impact


Updating skills and practices in the field of employment legislation and social relations is a necessity to guard against the risks associated with HR procedures. Our lawyers provide you with a constant monitoring of regulations and the necessary updates linked to the evolution of your activity.

  • of your practices based on your experience
  • of your internal documents and anticipation of changes in your activity
  • according to the evolution of your collective agreement and your social schemes


Developing the performance of a company depends, among other things, on sharing a common vision that allows managers and employees to move in the same direction. Our lawyers provide on-site training on various employment law topics that ensure professional growth and strong employee commitment.

  • of your officers and employees
  • on future developments and challenges


The work of our lawyers is that of a coach, a facilitator. It can be individual or collective (team), and leads you to take a step back in the face of a blocking situation and to find for yourself the different options available to regulate what is happening.

  • how to ensure the quality of teamwork
  • how to prevent and resolve disputes (pre-litigation)
  • how to evolve with the new challenges (digitization, teleworking ...)


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